6 Features of a Good Surf Coach

The Surf Coach has a major role in the training of any surfer, be it a child, a teenager or an adult. His performance will affect the technical evolution of the students and, many times, change their lifestyle. 

That is why there are a number of features that all coaches must have in order to successfully perform their duties:

1. Graduated in Sports and Physical Education

A good surf trainer should have academic background in Physical Education, because only then will he have the necessary pedagogical tools to teach and train his students in all relevant areas. He should also have a specific formation in Surfing, such as the Surfing Coach’s course, so that he can acquire knowledge more directed to the sport. In addition, during his career, it is fundamental to continuously participate in courses and trainings, in order to keep updated and increase his knowledge;

2. Ensure Safety 

The practice of surfing can involve some risks, such as sports injuries, trauma, situations in rip currents, drowning, among others. So a good surf coach must be qualified to perform first aid, basic life support and aquatic rescue, with and without board. It is imperative to know how to act in any emergency situation.

3. Keep track of his Students

A good surf coach is one who shows concern with the performance of his students and can identify the aspects that need to be worked on. There must be a real interest in the evolution of the students, so the good coach must be aware of their weaknesses, their strengths, their personality and their motivation.

4. Know How to Listen

It is essential that students speak and express their emotions, and more importantly, the surf trainer must know how to listen and understand their doubts, their problems, and how to advise. The coach's great challenge is to design strategies so that his students progress and do not create psychological barriers that harm their performance.

5. in Good Physical Condition

Every surf trainer should be in good physical shape, not only to be able to give support to his students in the water, but also to ensure safety and be able to act in case of emergency, (perform an aquatic rescue if necessary).  

6. Passionate about Surfing 

The surf coach cannot lack passion and love for surfing, because that's what will motivate and excite him to do a good job. 


Surf coaches are references for their students, so it is extremely important that they are ethical, professional, competent, motivating and that they can transmit the surf culture. Only in this way they will generate good surfers.