7 reasons to start surfing at a surf school, not alone!

If you want to start surfing or bodyboarding, the first step is to sign up for a certified and well-referenced school. Never go into the sea for the first time without the help of a professional, as there is a possibility that you can get a big scare that can demotivate you, create many difficulties or even make you give up.


To convince you, we give you some advantages that you have if you enroll in a surf school to learn to surf:

1. Safety, emergency plan, class location and insurance: safer surfing

A good surf school has personal accident and liability insurance that covers any accident that may happen to you. It also has an emergency plan that defines the procedures to be followed in an emergency situation. And most importantly, it has a team of professionals that define the time and place of classes, taking into account the students' technical level and natural conditions.


2. Surf code and values

At a school you will learn the safety rules and etiquette of surfing, as well as their values. Just as important as improving your individual performance is knowing how to be in the water in harmony, safety and respect with other surfers.

3. Efficient learning

If a competent coach guides your learning, you will learn to surf more efficiently, avoiding errors and addictions that may limit your surfing, or even lead you to give up.


4. Faster evolution

At most surf schools students have the ability to use school’s surfboards and change as they evolve so that the board helps you progress and your technical development is faster.


5. Avoid buying material such as surfboard and suit

On the other hand, they also avoid spending money on material at an early stage in the practice of the sport. Schools give you all the gear you need in the early days, and you only need to invest in a suit or board when you feel it is worth your while to surf.


6. Advice in material purchasing

When you think about buying your first board or first suit, you won't be alone to choose. School coaches who have followed your progress and have experience in the area can help you decide what to choose. If you want to buy a surfboard, they will tell you which one is best suited for your technical level or your surfing style.


7. You will never surf alone!

Besides all the advantages listed so far, there is one that is crucial: you will meet new people, make friends and you will never have to surf alone.


We hope this article helps you to decide your future in surfing.