Surfing Clinics School Holidays

The 7ª Essência Surf and Bodyboard School every school holidays promote the program Surf and Bodyboard Clinics. The goal is to encourage children to enjoy sports, practicing Surf, Bodyboard, Stand Up Paddle, Handplane, beach games, and at the same time occupy the holidays with healthy and fun activities.

The Surf and Bodyboard Clinics in the school holidays is aimed at children from 7 to 14 years old, with or without experience.

The program consists of 1 or 2 daily lessons of Surf, Bodyboard, Handplane or Stand Up Paddle, the choice of the sport is made taking into account the conditions of the sea, age and experience of the participant. Between the Surfing lessons, are dymanized several games in the sand.


School Holidays: Easter, Summer e Christmas

Where: Carcavelos beach - Cascais or Saúde beach - Costa da Caparica

Períod: 8h30am às 6h00pm - full day or 8h30am às 1h30pm - half day