Surf School Bodyboarding lessons

Bodyboarding is a sport in which the student slides on the waves lying on a board. Although there are older records of Polynesian natives catching waves lying on floating surfaces, it was only in 1971, through Tom Morey, that this sport developed as we know it today. It is an easily accessible sport that can be picke dup quickly, hence its rapid growth in popularity worldwide.

Teaching methodology

For better organization of the students and management of training, 7ª Essência thinks about the technical level of their students, their age, the environmental conditions, and the location of the class. As a result, to promote effective, target oriented and secure classes, six levels of learning were established, each with very specific goals.

The student only advances to the next level after fulfilling all the requirements of the previous one.

Beginners levels
Students have their first contact with the environmental conditions, they get to know the environment, their equipment, and the first techniques are approached.
Level 0 Level 1

Introduction and maintenance of equipment

Safety rules

Reading the environmental conditions

Environmental and nature protection sensitization

Adaptation to the aquatic environment

Adaptation to the aquatic environment and equipment


Ethics in water

Positioning techniques on the board

Bodyboard basic positioning

White waves (foam) turning

Autonomy in the water

Intermediate levels
Improvement levels. Students begin to have autonomy on the outside, start to catch their first green waves and the first techniques in the wall of the wave are approached.
Level 2 Level 3

Lifesaving techniques

Take off


Bottom turn



Cut back

Introduction to competition

Forward 360º spin

Reverse 360º


Linking tricks and manoeuvers
Maintaining good style

Advanced levels
Students already dominate the wave, perform tricks and maneuvers and begin to participate in the first competitions
Level 4 Level 5

Competition rules

Competition tactics

Simulation of the competitive context

360º reentry

Air Roll Spin (ARS)

Invert Air

Simulation of the competitive context

Back Flip

360º Air reverse

360º Air Forward