Surf School Kids Surfing Program

Throughout their growth and maturation, children develop muscular strength and stamina, balance, coordination, agility and body awareness. For this reason, 7ª Essência created the Kids Program, a surfing and bodyboarding program designed specifically for children from 7 to 11 years of age, where the child's developmental stage and all of its other needs are taken into account.

In the Kids Program, classes include lots of games and activities that take into account both age and technical level of each child, so that they learn in a way that is exciting, fun, unique and effective.

The lessons take place on the weekends at the beaches of Carcavelos, Guincho and/or Saúde. During school holidays, Surf and Bodyboard lessons are also taught during the week and may include surf trips outside the region of Lisbon.

As the main concerns of 7ª Essência are the safety and quality of teaching, class time is always adjusted to sea conditions.

Teaching Methodology for Surf and Bodyboard Lessons for Kids

The teaching methods used are centred around the psychomotor development of each child and are targeted to their individual needs. With this in mind, to give individually oriented instruction, in effective and safe classes, we have established six levels of learning with the following set of level-specific goals.

Beginners levels
Surfing Bodyboarding
Level 0

Introduction and maintenance of equipment

Safety rules

Reading the environmental conditions

Environmental and nature protection sensitization

Adaptation to the aquatic environment and equipment


Level 1

Positioning techniques on the board

Paddling techniques

Prone position

White waves (foam) turning

Basic take off

Prone position

White waves (foam) turning

Level 2
Autonomy in the water

Correct surfing position

White waves (foam) turning standing up

Take off


Bottom turn

Improvement levels
Surfing Bodyboarding
Level 3


Turtle (roll on)

Pop up

Duck dive


Cut back

Level 4

Positioning on the outside

Choosing and catching waves

Duck dive


Bottom turn


Level 5

Top turn


Tricks and maneuvers

El Rollo

Linking tricks and manoeuvers