Surf School Surfing Lessons

Before we show you how ours Surf Lessons works, did you knew that Surfing is a sport in which the practitioner slides on the waves with the aid of a board. The first written report of surfing was made by Captain James Cook, who watched people surf the waves, standing on floating structures. From then until now, the sport has had an exponential increase in both fans and practitioners, across the planet, bringing men, women, adults and children to the beach all year round! 

Now, you know more about Surfing, you are ready to star ours Surf Lessons.

Teaching Methodology of Surf Lessons

For better organization of the students and management of the Surf Lessons, 7ª Essência considers the technical level of its students, their age group, the environmental conditions and the location of the lesson. As a result, to give better oriented, effective and secure lessons, six levels of learning were established, each of which with its own set of specific goals.

Students only advance to the next level after fulfilling all the requirements of the previous level.

Beginners levels - Surf Lessons for Beginners
Students have their first contact with the environmental conditions, as they get to know this environment, their equipment and the first techniques are approached.
Level 0 Level 1 Level 2

Introduction and maintenance of equipment

Safety rules

Reading the environmental conditions

Environmental and nature protection sensitization

Adaptation to the aquatic environment

Adaptation to equipment and environment


Ethics in water

Positioning techniques on the board

Paddling techniques

Prone position

Learning basic take off

Autonomy in the water

Lifesaving techniques

Regular take off

Basic surfing position

Prone to stand up position

Turtle (roll on)

Intermediate levels - Surf Lessons for Intermediate Surfers
Improvement levels. Students begin to have autonomy on the outside, start to catch their first green waves and the first techniques in the wall of the wave are approached.
Level 2 transition Level 3

Inside to outside Transition


Gain autonomy

Duck dive

Outside positioning

Take off

Take off


Bottom turn

Top turn


Advanced levels - Surf Lessons for Expert Surfers
Students already dominate the wave, perform tricks and maneuvers and begin to participate in the first competitions
Level 4 Level 5

Competition Rules

Introduction to competition

Roundhouse cutback


Off the lip


The barrel

Competition Rules

Competition tactics

Simulation of the competitive context



Aerial maneuvers (various combinations)