Surf School – Prices

Surf School – Prices

Prices of Surfing and Bodyboarding lessons in Lisbon

 Number of lessonsNew students
(lesson + insurance)
Already enrolled students
Single Lesson140€40€
Pack 55150€150€
Pack 1010250€250€
Pack Family20360€360€
Pack Monthly Fee – 1x weekly575€55€
Pack Monthly Fee – 2x weekly8100€80€
Private Lesson1100€100€
Pack 5 Private Lesson5425€425€
Pack 10 Private Lesson10700€700€
Private Lesson 2pax1140€140€
Pack 5 Private Lessons 2pax5600€600€
Pack 10 Private Lessons 2pax101000€1000€
Surfing Lessons40€70€100€130€150€170€190€210€230€250€
Bodyboarding Lessons40€70€100€130€150€170€190€210€230€250€

Ericeira Lessons Prices

Surf Lessons – beginners40€80€110€140€170€
Bodyboard Lessons – beginners40€80€110€140€170€
Surf Lessons – intermediate45€90€120€155€190€
Bodyboard Lessons – intermediate45€90€120€155€190€
Private Lessons100€200€270€350€425€

Vila Nova de Milfontes Lessons Prices

Kids <12 years old35€60€80€100€120€
Surf Lessons40€80€100€130€160€190€220€250€280€300€
Bodyboard Lessons40€80€100€130€160€190€220€250€280€300€

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Lessons Prices

SUP Lessons Enclosed / Exposed Waters40€70€100€130€160€180€
SUP Wave Lessons70€130€180€
Private SUP Lessons100€200€270€350€425€500€

Other services

Holiday CampsOn request
Birthday PartiesOn request
Deppending on the number of participants
Team BuildingOn request
Deppending on the number of participants
Surf TourOn request
Deppending on the number of participants
Surf TripOn request
Mediane o número de participantes
Surf GuideOn request
Deppending on the number of participants