Terms and Conditions

(STUDENT/CLIENT) declares to accept the following conditions presented by 7ª Essência, owned by “João Pedro Andrade Rosa Dias”, NIF no. 200643231, CAE 85510, RNAAT no. 197/2011, domiciled at Rua Actor Augusto Rosa Street No. 5 E, 2795-028, Linda-a-Velha, to attend the activities promoted, as well as the use of equipment and services available from the same.


1. For any query related to the school, please contact us between 9h00 and 18h00:

Mobile – +351 915 080 555

E-mail – info@7essencia.com

2. If you can’t get in touch, leave a written message (SMS) with the following topics: Name, Subject and Contact.


1. The meeting point will be at the place where the lesson will be held;

2. If the student needs a ride the meeting point will either be at 7ª Essência facilities, the bus terminal in Algés or another location to be announced with prior notice.

3. If there are any changes to the meeting point, the student will be informed in advance.


1. The school is open all year round;

2. The student will be informed by 7ª Essência of the schedule for lessons and activities;

3. At the beginning of the season (September/October) a new schedule will be set, which will remain in effect until the end of the of the season (mid-June);

4. The schedule defined is valid from October to June (school year);

5. During the months of June to September the schedule may change due to school breaks and

activities promoted by 7ª Essência

6. If appropriate, a new schedule may be defined during the school year.


1 – Register at www.7essencia.com – Area do Aluno;

2. Pay the classes – package or monthly fee;

3. The personal accident insurance will only be active after payment confirmation.


1. The student must define from the beginning which days he/she intends to have surf lessons;

2. Lessons have the total duration of: a warm up, 60/80 minutes of practice in the water and cool down;

3. Lessons will be only held if there are at least 3 confirmed students for Surf or Bodyboard, and 2 students for Stand Up Paddle

4. There will be between 4 to 8 students per teacher, or 4 students in Stand Up Paddle. The ratio decreases if the students are children or beginners;

5. The lesson’s location is set, depending on environmental conditions, 48 hours in advance;

6. During surf courses, surf trips or other activities 7ª Essência reserves the right to cancel scheduled surf lessons. Replacement lessons might be held at the location of the activity or be re-booked at a later date;

7. The regional circuits are billed as a single lesson, so that the students of more advanced levels,

under the age of 20, must participate;

8. Intermediate and advanced students must have their own equipment, including a watch.


1. The student must define with the teacher the days he/she intends to take the lessons

2. Lessons last approximately 60 minutes of practice;

3. The location is defined, according to the environmental conditions, 24 hours in advance.


1. The student has a 10-minute grace period, beyond the agreed time at the meeting point or the beginning of the lesson;

2. In the event of a delay exceeding 10 minutes, the time lost will not be made up at the end of the class.


1. Payment may be made by cash, bank check (payable to João Pedro Dias), bank transfer, MbWay or PayPal.


1. The package is personal and non-transferable and cannot be used by 2 or more students, unless mentioned otherwise;

2. 7ª Essência offers packages of 2 to 20 lessons;

3. The family package consists of 20 lessons and is the only one that can be shared by direct family members (siblings, children, parents, and partners);

4. The Kids Program package consists of 5 classes and is intended for children up to 11 years old;

5. The Kids Program package can only be used in specified scheduled lessons and cannot be used for higher age/level lessons;

6. The validity of the packages are:

– up to 3 lessons: 3 months;

– from 4 to 6 lessons: 4 months;

– from 7 to 9 lessons: 6 months;

– 10 lessons: 8 months;

7. The family package is valid for 8 months;

8. The packages validity starts from the moment of purchase and all lessons must be taken before the end of the validity period;

9. Payment must be made before the student takes any lesson;

10. After the expiration of previously purchased lessons the student must pay for the next lessons before starting them.


1. Payment must be made by the 10th of each month;

2. The validity of the monthly membership begins on the first day of each month and ends on the last day of each month;

3. If for any reason unrelated to 7ª Essência the student does not take a lesson to which he/she is entitled, he/she will lose the lesson and it will not be compensated;

4. If the payment deadlines are not met the monthly fee will be increased by 20.00 euros and the student will be prevented from attending lessons until it is paid;

5. Lessons cannot be taken all in the same week, or over two weeks;

6. Lessons must be spread over 4/5 weeks of the month;

7. If the student takes more lessons than he/she is entitled to, an extra lesson will be paid for each extra lesson taken;

8. If the student wants to interrupt the lessons or change the monthly fee/lessons packages, he/she must inform the school before the end of the month.


1. Physical and technical training;

2. Intended for all levels of learning;

3. Runs from October to June;

4. Training sessions are free for all 7ª Essência students.


1. The student/athlete must hold 2 to 3 practices per week;

2. The expenses (registration, transportation, accommodation and meals) for the competitions are the

responsibility of the student/athlete;

3. The student/athlete must confirm in advance to 7ª Essência his/her desire to participate in


4. The student/athlete must be associated with a club and proceed with the federation act through that same club;

5. The accompaniment of the student/athlete during a competition will be billed as a single lesson, on top of plus travel expenses, accommodation and meals for the accompanying coach.


1. The student benefits from the partnerships established with 7ª Essência;

2. Only active students with up to date payments benefit from the partnerships;

3. 7ª Essência sends a monthly list of active students to their partners.


1. 7ª Essência does not have a regular transportation service, however, if you have availability you can give rides, and the expenses will be shared;

2. The student must contribute to the expenses of diesel and tolls;

3. If the lesson takes place between Costa da Caparica and Guincho there is no transportation fee;

4. The transportation fee is not included in the costs of the lessons and activities and must be on the day.


1. It is the student’s responsibility to book/confirm the lessons;

2. Bookings must be made between 36/48 hours (2 days) and 16 hours before the beginning of the lesson;

3. Any cancellations must be made within 24 hours before the lesson;

4. If the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the lesson it will be charged/discounted from the monthly package/lessons package.

5. A student who is absent without notice and without a justification will forfeit the lesson.


1. Complementary lessons are scheduled in advance with 7ª Essência

2. 7ª Essência may schedule complementary lessons if necessary or justified.


1. All expenses must be paid by the student;

2. The student must confirm his/her participation on time, following the pre-established deadlines;


1. Must arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of the lesson to get equipped;

2. 2. If, for any reason, a student refuses to participate in the lesson he/she will lose the right to it;

3. Must obey the instructions of the coach/instructor;

4. Must wear a swimsuit underneath the wetsuit;

5. Is responsible for any damage to equipment caused by carelessness or improper use of it.


1. Must ensure that the environmental conditions allow the class to be conducted;

2. Has the obligation to ensure that all safety regulations are enforced;

3. Must deliver and direct lessons wisely;

4. Must not be late.


1. Eating and drinking inside the van is prohibited;

2. No smoking inside the van;

3. No dressing or undressing allowed inside the van;

4. No wet shorts allowed inside the van;

5. Do not lean or lean equipment against the van, especially when wet with salt water;

6. Students must leave their personal belongings properly stowed inside the van;

7. 7ª Essência is not responsible for thefts that may occur inside the van.


1. The student is responsible for the equipment provided for the lesson and must handle it with care;

2. If the equipment provided by 7ª Essência is damaged due to carelessness and improper use, the student is responsible for repairing or purchasing new equipment.


1. The data provided by the student is exclusively for the internal use of 7ª Essência for the purposes of

billing, contacts, direct marketing actions, offering of products and ancillary services related, even if

indirectly, with the activity of 7ª Essência, ensuring the holder the right of access and rectification;

2. The images (videos or photographs) taken during the lessons and activities may be used

in marketing actions promoted by 7ª Essência;

3. The student consents to the use of his/her personal data for the purposes mentioned in numbers 1 and 2.


1. After completing all registration procedures, the student is covered by personal accident insurance.

2. Personal Accident Insurance Policy # 0003472336

3. Liability Insurance Policy # 0003440525


1. 7ª Essência and its technicians are not responsible for any illness, personal accident or injury

of a student, adult or child, who is participating in their activities, with the exception of

cases where it is proven that they behaved intentionally or negligently during the lesson;

2. Until the completion of the registration process, the 7ª Essência is not responsible for any accidents or

damages that may occur.


1. The 7ª Essência reserves the right to substitute teachers and change schedules at any time.